Investment measures EJZF

New European Union funds planning period 2021-2027 has started very active. Several project rounds are already announced.

During this period, Latvian fishermen and entrepreneurs also will have the opportunity to apply for financing in order to diversify, develop and strengthen their activities. Emphasis will be on competitiveness of fisheries and water biological resources, promotion of sustainable aquaculture operations, as well as processing of fishery and aquaculture products. Stimulating the development of fisheries and aquaculture communities will also be one of the priorities.

In upcoming years, significant funding will be directed to the development of modern fish breeding systems and implementation of innovations, modern technologies.

However, it is important to remember and be proud of what has already been achieved! RSS is pleased to see representatives of the fisheries industry attracting funds for the implementation of new and successful projects from the previous planning period. It is a great opportunity to see how fishermen in Latvia manage their everyday life and to gain experience from brighter success stories.

Fishing traditions in our country have developed over many hundreds of years. This was mainly possible due to the geographical location - we have about 500 kilometer long coast line. Fisheries industry in Latvia has experienced both - ups and downs, but in general it continues to develop purposefully and have become competitive on a wider scale. This has been possible also because of the European Union support and targeted state subsidies.

Representatives of the industry - fishermen, fish producers and processors - have successfully managed to divert available EU co-financing and use various financial instruments offered for development of the field. It is essential that these companies are tirelessly willing to expand the variety of their products and maintain high quality.

Let these stories of experience bring inspiration for new success!