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Fishing in the Baltic Sea

It cannot be disputed – almost every resident of Latvia who lives and works on the coast is employed in a fishing company or otherwise linked to the fishing industry, while we all consume produced fish.

The important role and importance of this sector in the economy is also highlighted by Karina Pavlova, deputy director of the Rural Support Service's Fisheries and State Aid Department. Various types of aid are available, both compensation and investment measures.

Investments and targeted funding contribute significantly to the development of the fishing industry, providing support for infrastructure facilities, equipment purchase and construction. Since 2014, more than 400 different types of projects and projects have been supported in Latvia, directly in the field of fisheries.

In video industry representatives acknowledges that the current situation is not simple, education and the promotion of the sector should be considered. Moreover, it is necessary to understand and agree on what the country's fisheries development strategy - what needs to be done to make the sector viable in the long term.

Ivars Janeks, chief executive of "Vergi" Ltd says: “Our biggest achievement is that we can provide more than 250 jobs for our people. The company approaching 30 years anniversary - it is also our achievement, our success story."

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Our national value - small-sea fishermen

Who are small-sea fishermen? They are coastal and inland water fishermen who maintain and promote coastal fishing traditions.

The Director of Fisheries and State Aid Department at the Rural Support Service Rinalds Vacers, admits that fishing is becoming more and more difficult each year in Latvia, but small-sea fishermen still continue to fish on the coast.

European Union support programmes are available, where coastal fishermen can implement projects to improve and diversify their activities. It helps ensure income throughout the year. In recent years, seals have also destroyd fishing nets, so there are compensation for damage caused by seals.

It is important for the RSS to continue supporting fishermen. During the new programming period, coastal fishermen are expected to receive a new, targeted support measure for growth.

As the small-sea fishermen themselves say: “It is in the interests of all of us, the people of Latvia, so that we are and that fish is available to people. A fisherman, a coastal fisherman, is like the last of “Mohicans” - survivor. But the biggest achievement is that we are together. This work in the fisheries is satisfaction - it is our lifestyle."

Watch a video material where coastal fishermen talk about their daily routine, perseverance and temper gained at work.

(English captions available)