Rural Support Service of Latvia provides and administrates state and European Union (EU) support to farmers reffering to regulations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

New rules are published in the Strategic Plan of CAP 2023 - 2027 approved by European Commission. There are series of significant changes in the regulations of direct payments.

There are 24 EU direct payment support measures listed in the Strategic Plan. Total EU funding for Latvia in five-year period, 2023 - 2027, is 1.714 billion euros.

Farmers can apply for the following aids:

  • The basic income support for sustainability
  • Payments for small farmers
  • The complementary redistributive income support for sustainability
  • The complementary income support for young farmers
  • The coupled income support
    • for dairy cows
    • for goats
    • for cattle
    • for sheep
    • for protein crops
    • for starch potatoes
    • for certified seed potatoes
    • for certified grass and fodder plant seeds
    • for certified cereal seeds
    • for barley
    • for summer canola
    • for vegetables
    • for fruits and berries
    • for rye population varieties (incl. Kaupo)
  • Green strips
  • Environmentaly friendly horticulture
  • Management of grassland biotopes (incl. management of grassland habitats for wading birds)
  • Higher welfare requirements and emission reducing livestock farming
  • Management of bee hives for pollination purposes
  • Organic farming
  • Agro-ecological practices in organic farms etc.

More detailed information about support measures is available in the catalgoue of support measures (in Latvian).

Farmers in Latvia may apply for support by submitting application form in the RSS Electronic Application System.