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LAD mobilajai lietotnei jauna funkcionalitāte

Rural Support Service has introduced a new solution for customer convenience – to submit information to the service without authorization. Until now, the app could only be used by RSS clients, the users of the Electronic Application System. Now every farmer can do this.

In the new version of the app is a separate section “Informe RSS”. In it, anyone can create an anonymous message with photo information and send it to the service for evaluation. Note - during taking images, GPS coordinate detection must be activated on the smartphone. Four categories of reports are currently available: “Miscellaneous”, “Minimum Soil Processing”, “Paging and Crops”, as well as “Reports of Violations”. Report categories is scheduled to expand in the future.

For several years, every RSS client can use the mobile app in its smartphone. It is a convenient tool for customer communication with the service, a chance to keep track of the spotlights and applications. Mobile app available free:

  • Android for smart devices (6.0 and above),
  • iOS for smart devices (11.4 and higher).