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Programme "School Milk and Fruit" manages distribution of products to children and young people - both preschoolers and 1st-9th grade students can receive dairy products and fruits and vegetables for free three times a week.

More information is available at the web page www.piensaugliskolai.lv/en/.  

Milk for your health!

A glass of milk every day? Exactly, because milk is very important part of the daily nutrition. It contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, as well as proteins. In addition, milk contains many vitamins and nutrients that help you to grow stronger.

Calcium is important for our bones and teeth – it provides everything necessary to maintain the strength of teeth. Healthy teeth are very important! Teeth ensure that we can bite and grind food. Next, the body converts food into energy. Therefore, it is important to use milk and its products in your diet every day!

In pre-school educational institutions and elementary schools, children can drink milk three times a week for free. This is provided by the programme “School Milk and Fruits”.

Milk processing secrets!

Milk gives us many different products, they can be sweet and sour. Who processes milk and how? When milk is in the factory, specialists with the help of a special recipe ensure that it is in high quality and also suitable for storage.

For example, pasteurization process ensures that milk stays fresh longer. If the temperature is lower, shorter is the storage time of milk package in the refrigerator. On the other hand – if pasteurization is carried out at the higher temperature, then milk package may not be stored in the refrigerator and milk will be fresh for a longer time.

Milk is processed into healthy sour milk products, various curd and cheese products we use every day. Did you know that delicious ice cream is also made from milk? Check out next video of the programme “School Milk and Fruits”!

Looking for an answer - where does milk come from?

Milk that you can find in stores comes from cows. They usually live in large and also smaller homes - called farms. There you can meet both small calves and cows, which give us a delicious and healthy milk every day.

It is interesting that in the small farms cows are milked by hand, but in the large farms - with special equipment. In addition, computer programmes carry out quality control of the expressed milk to ensure right away that milk meets all the specified requirements. Only after that milk can be transported to the dairy factories for processing.

Informative video story is available at the website of programme "School Milk and Fruits".

How many fruits and vegetables do you need?

We have great opportunity to enjoy so many taste nuances – sweet, bitter, salty, sour and more. It is important to start your meal with vegetables, because together with proteins they give us feeling of satiety. Sweet fruits and berries – let them remain for dessert!

Do you remember how big should be a portion of vegetables in each meal? And what are the prerequisites to protect yourself from getting sick in the wet autumn and winter? Check out our educational video of the programme ” School Milk and Fruit” about the principles of healthy eating in everyday life.

Path of vegetables from field to table

Each vegetable and fruit need different care and the way of storage also differs for each one. For example, growing potatoes involves many different techniques and devices – in spring it is a planting machine, a tractor for furrowing, a watering can and also a harvester in autumn.

Greenhouses are the best choice for cucumbers and tomatoes! Did you know that there are greenhouses where vegetables ripen only in late fall and winter?

When the harvest is ready, it is packed and delivered to stores, warehouses, as well as to schools - this is a great opportunity for children to get such valuable nutrients.

The programme "School Milk and Fruit" offers a video story about the journey of vegetables from field to table. Take a look!

Diversity of vegetables in Latvia

Have you ever wondered why the most valuable are fruits, berries and vegetables grown here in Latvia?

Most of our vegetables grow in the field, where they get their characteristic taste and nutrients. There are vegetables and fruits that taste the best and are gathered in summer. But those vegetables harvested in autumn, we usually try to keep for winter.

In order to get valuable vitamins and fiber substances, we grow vegetables also in greenhouses. There you can find various herbs, as well as delicious tomatoes and cucumbers.

Take a look – a short video story reveals the main idea about fruits, berries and vegetables grown in Latvia and their essential importance in our diet!

Where does the milk come? Let’s find the answers together!

Every day in the farm “Lestene” is very busy! The farm hosts almost a thousand cows – both large cows and small calves. In this video story, responsive host shows daily life in the farm and reveals the way how milk is produced. Do you know what a “calve taxi” is? Have a look!

Get to now the way – from seed to vegetable!

In the farm “Gundegas” you can find almost all possible vegetables – carrots and beets, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers. And cucumbers are the main heroes in this video story. Find out how this delicious and healthy vegetable – a cucumber – grows from a small seed!