ELFLA Investment measures Video

The financing granted by European Union (EU) and state provides various opportunities for young and small farmers in Latvia to develop and expand their activities.

In the new CAP period 2023 - 2027, 20 million euros have been allocated from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development to support small farms. Also 37.2 million euros of EU funding is planned for young farmers to develop their business in the countryside of Latvia.

In this video story, Z/S "Mētras" and the organic farm "Dabas gardumi" describe the implementation process of their projects, possibilities of development with the help of EU funding, as well as the constructive cooperation with the Rural Support Service of Latvia, when applying for support.

Ieva Spriža, owner of "Dabas Gardumi", emphasizes the meaning of decision to apply for EU support and how it has contributed for company's development and competitiveness: "Growth would not have been so fast. All equipment, construction - require very large financial resources. We wouldn't have done it on our own."

English subtitles are available.