Investment measures
Labības lauks

The pleasure of successful projects in the “Cooperation” event, which aims to develop rural tourism opportunities. The projects were carried out by the Latvian Rural Tourism Association “Rural Traveller” together with the co-operation partners.

"Creating and marketing a tourism product called “Cider Road.” Co-partners - Ltd "Turkalnes muižas klēts", Ltd "Bauņu sēta", Ltd "Jumpravas sidrs", Ltd "Tālavas sidrs", Ltd "Abavas dārzi", Ltd "URTICA".

The project aims to create and promote a new national identity tourism product called “Cider Road”. This product will open the way from the orchard to drinks, involving both fruit farmers and cider brewers. Natural cider has good potential to become one of the products that forms the identity of Latvia, because apples growing in our latitudes, from which finished cider is given a unique taste. It also provides an opportunity to host a variety of cider breweries, as well as to present culinary traditions and cultural heritage in different regions. As a result, the “Cider Road” tourism product ( has been developed, marketing materials have been produced and various measures have been organised to promote cider.

“Culinary tourism product" Rye Road "”. The aim of the project is the establishment of cooperation between rural tourism entrepreneurs, as well as the creation and promotion of a national culinary tourism product called “Rye Road”, based thematically on the preservation of rye bread and rye product traditions in Latvia.

“Rye Road” calls for villages with rural entrepreneurs who bake rye bread after traditional or family-grown recipes, cooking different dishes from coarse bread or rye flour and bringing them to the table for guests. The Rye Road initiative is owned by the farm „Bērziņi”, country house „Caunītes”, Vineta Cipe from “Āraiši Mill”, farm „Buliņi”, farm „Klajumi”, also Aina Barsukova from the bakery "Dzīles".

Many other holdings that are open to visitors also join the product show how top bread, allow you to try hand-in-hand in making your bread bribe, offer grain porridge and other healthy rye-grain dishes, drinks from the strength of rye, the story of bread traditions.
The resulting tourism product “Rye Road” (, created marketing materials and organised a variety of publicity measures including – Bread days.

The results of the projects will be presented at the event on the “Festival of Bread and cider in Āraiši Mill”, which will take place on 31 July this year. Detailed programme: