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Memoranda parakstīšana

On April 30 in Ukraine a cooperation memorandum between the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) and the administration of Bila Tserkva district was signed in in order to strengthen already existing ties of friendship and promote future cooperation.

The memorandum of cooperation intend the organization of work, consultations and training of various expert groups, as well as the implementation of individual projects in the field of agriculture, in order to more successfully start Ukraine's path to the European Union.

During the visit, director of RSS Girts Krūmiņš emphasized: "People in Latvia unquestioningly believe in the victory of Ukraine. In addition to humanitarian aid and support to the armed forces, today strengthens our long-term cooperation aimed at the reconstruction and development of Ukraine after the end of the war. You are an incredible nation, showing true strength to the world with your faith and unity. We are honored to support you in this fight for justice.”

During the visit, representatives from Latvia also had the opportunity to meet with management of Bila Cerkva district and get acquainted with the operation of several agricultural and processing companies.