Opportunities for rural areas development in Latvia are becoming more extensive. Thanks to the European Union and state funding, farmers have been able to modernize their farms and ensure the growth of their operations.

With assistance of the Rural Support Service of Latvia, farmers can apply for funding for both farm modernization and increasing energy efficiency. For example, the farm "Ulbroka" has made investments over the last 10 years intended for various modernization projects - improving animal welfare, implementing environmental solutions, modernizing greenhouses with innovative technologies and enhancing energy efficiency.

RSS provides simple and understandable support system that helps farmers achieve their project goals. This collaboration is also highly appreciated from the perspective of farmers. As acknowledged by representative of Ltd. "Getliņi Eko": "We are very satisfied with cooperation with the Rural Support Service - this collaboration is quite simple and understandable."

Explore the experience stories shared about the opportunities for sustainable development in the agricultural sector.

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