Valsts un ES atbalsts Video Zvejniecība

Fishing in the Baltic Sea is an ancient and traditional form of activity. Latvian fishermen have been benefiting from the sea's riches for generations, creating not only economic, but also cultural and social significance.

Facing resource depletion and environmental pollution, fishermen in Latvia have to adapt with new requirements to ensure sustainable fisheries in the Baltic Sea. Regardless of the scale and type of operation, every fisherman can count on European Union and state support – for ships modernization, coastal fishing development and modernization, as well as compensation for losses caused by seals.

In the experience story both small-scale coastal fisherman Jurģis Elsons and Ivars Janeks, a board member of SIA "Verģi," agree on the importance of financial support received for production growth and sustainability in the fisheries sector.

Thanks to joint cooperation, good results can be achieved!

English subtitles are available.