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From September 13 to 15, colleagues from Poland, Lithuania and Estonia are visiting the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) to participate in the conference of paying agencies of the Baltic States and Poland. This year, venue of the conference is in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Purpose of the conference is to discuss all current issues in every day work, as well as to share experiences on aspects of measures implementation process for new Common Agricultural Policy period in each country.

A lot of attention is paid to several important issues of paying agencies. One of them is the implementation of monitoring system in the work with area payments and scheduled controls. New conditions for receiving area payments also will be discussed, as well as the criteria for receiving support in various eco-schemes. It is important for all member states to preserve the proportion of perennial grasslands, so this will also be one of the topics of the conference. Along with discussions about successful implementation of investment measures, current issues regarding the main challenges in data collection and analysis will be discussed with colleagues.

RSS director Girts Krumins admits: "The main purpose when organizing this conference, is not only to discuss the conditions for receiving various supports in agriculture, but also to maintain conversations about values as the main theme of entire event. Emphasize how important it is now to cooperate and support each other. Such annual meetings with neighbouring countries encourage reflection and analysis of the work done, as well as provide an impulse for introduction and implementation of new ideas".