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In the Annual Report 2022 Rural Support Service of Latvia has gathered most important information about main results in the previous year. A summary displays institution's goals and work results, the usage of European Union and state funding, as well as planned priorities for next year.

RSS director Ģirts Krūmiņš admits: "Despite the difficult situation in the world, we have performed our basic tasks perfectly: support has been paid to our clients, service quality has been improved, we have successfully cooperated with colleagues in Latvia and Europe."

Institution is also pleased to receive high recognition from its clients. Survey results showed positive evaluation about the way how RSS provides information. The functionality of Mobile App and Electronic Application System, as well as the quality of consultations by customer service specialists, were highly appreciated.

In the E-index 20022 measurement of state institutions and municipalities RSS has been given the highest rating in the category of state institutions, which is reflected in the terms of services provided and work electronic capabilities.

More information about achievements of the Rural Support Service of Latvia in year 2022 is available in the Annual Report (in Latvian).