For clients
LAD virtuālā asistente

Couple of years the virtual assistant IEVA is helping to Rural Support Service (RSS) colleagues by explaining current information and providing answers to clients. IEVA works not only in RSS website, but also in the Electronic Application System (EAS), where provides answers to specific questions about support measures.

Virtual assistant IEVA trainer Līga Strēlniece admits: "It's not the future anymore, it's happening right here now! We have introduced significant innovations in the work of virtual assistant in EAS. During the conversation with clients, IEVA can help correct specific customer data. This is only first step to train IEVA to provide another very specific help."

IEVA gives information about state support and support from EU funds for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural business.

The technology company "Tilde" helps RSS to improve the skills of its virtual assistant.