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20 years ago, when Latvia joined European Union, the growth of agriculture was one of the main goals. Using EU support, Latvia has adapted its agricultural sector and rural development to EU regulations and requirements, while improving the sector's competitiveness, sustainability, environmental protection, and achieved economic growth.

Director of the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) Ģirts Krūmiņš has been working for RSS almost since its creation. He admits: "When we were preparing to join EU, as well as when already a member state, we had to simultaneously learn ourselves and explain to our clients what support they can receive. We had a great sense of responsibility because were entrusted with this work, we introduced information technologies, wanted to do everything as best as possible. Step by step we managed to achieve the goals! Our joint work has resulted not only in the billions of euros paid out, but most importantly - the countryside of Latvia has been changed, farmers use modern technologies, think about the development of their farms in the long term, and implement innovative solutions. Without EU support, such rapid growth would not be possible. European Union is a big family where one country supports the other, NATO membership is also very important. We have gained security in a very broad sense of the term, it is our physical security, food security, mobility. We can meet many people and gain new experiences. How do I see EU in 20 years? I think that EU "family" will be even bigger. I believe that we will make decisions faster, that member states will support the values of this union, observe all commitments and make decisions without disputes. 20 years ago, both at work and in family, we celebrated the day when we became EU member state. We all supported EU membership, we celebrated this day with a joy. Now we are proud of what we have accomplished, but it is essential not to stop. My goal is that every farmer receives all possible support quickly and easily, without bureaucratic burden, and uses it purposefully for the sustainability of his farm or company."

How much co-financing from EU funds and Latvia has been paid out?

RSS has prepared detailed information on EU funding and the co-financing paid out in Latvia over 20 years.

Latvian farmers have been paid 8.2 billion euros in various support measures within the framework of Common Agricultural Policy - this is both 5.8 billion euros investment of EU funds in the development of countryside over 20 years, as well as co-financing of state:

  • 4.068 billion euros in direct payments (comparing 2023 and 2004, the amount paid per year has increased by 427%);
  • 134 million euros in market events;
  • 3.844 billion in rural development measures (comparing 2023 and 2004, the amount paid per year has increased by 316%);
  • other payments - more than 111 million euros.