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Seasonal farmers

The module in Electronic Application System (EAS) provides a seasonal farm worker income tax regime which significantly reduces the tax burden, increases time saving for paperwork and is easy to use for employer and people who are directly employed in seasonal employment in fruit, berry and vegetable cultivation or planting, harvesting, fruit, berry and vegetable sorting.

Diesel fuel for farmers

The module in Electronic Application System (EAS) provides easy aplication for receiving discounts on diesel fuel used in agricultural work, which trade and accounting is made by refueling stations.

Survey of agricultural land

The Rural Support Service of Latvia without the presence of the land unit owner, legal possessor or their representatives conducts an annual survey of land units (cadasters) in order to check visually whether 70% of the agricultural land is managed. The survey of land is performed for areas, where according to the information of the State Land Service, the use of agricultural land is at least 1 ha. If the agricultural land is untreated or neglected, then local government applies an additional real estate tax rate of 1.5% and makes up 3% in total.

Machinery Price Catalog

The Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Consultation and Education Center (LRCEC) and the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) designed the Machinery Price Catalog to make the purchase of machinery and equipment for farmers more simple and convenient. The catalog is available as electronic tool at RSS website and is linked with the Electronic Application System (EAS).

The Catalog will facilitate the beneficiaries' procurement process for the purchase of machinery and equipment in the sub-measure “Support for Investments in Agricultural Holdings” for transition period 2021 - 2022 and simplifying the control functions of RSS.

Please note! New items from equipment dealers for inclusion in the Machinery Price Catalog were accepted until January 27, 2022. New items for inclusion cannot be accepted any more!

Tehnikas katalogs_eng.jpg

Instruction on data entry in the Electronic Application System.

Contact information:

RSS customer service phone +371 67095000

Technical operation of the catalog, data entry in the EAS:

Vineta Ansone, Project Administration Information Systems Development Department Manager
e-mail: vineta.ansone@lad.gov.lv, phone +371 29474011

Mārtiņš Irbe
, Agriculture and Forestry Department Specialist
e-mail: martins.irbe@lad.gov.lv, phone +371 25429423


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