A virtual assistant “Ieva” has started its career at the Rural Support Service of Latvia

22. April, 2020
Citi pasākumi

A virtual assistant “Ieva” started its work at RSS on January 27, 2020. “Ieva” is an Interested Electronic Virtual Assistant whose task is to help clients find answers to unclear questions at any time of the day.

“Ieva” provides information on how to become a client of RSS, as well as answers to certain questions about area payments – types, rates and other. Currently, “Ieva” is able to provide more than 400 different answers. “Ieva” learns quickly, so the range of issues that virtual assistant will be aware of will increase every day. “Ieva” is still in test mode, so it will not always be possible to explain all the necessary information to our customers.

Initially Ieva is available on the website www.lad.gov.lv, but soon will be available also on the website of “School Milk and Fruit” programme www.piensaugliskolai.lv.

A video about virtual assistant "Ieva" (in Latvian) 


Phone for clients
Working days 8:00-20:00

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