The robot “Varis” has started work at the Rural Support Service of Latvia

14. December, 2018

A new employee - robot, called “Varis”, has joined the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) team. The first task of the robot is to check the details of the beneficiaries in the Penalty Register of Latvia.

The robot in RSS database reviews all the applicants for support, and then retrieves information in the Lursoft database about responsible persons of the company.  In the Penalty Register “Varis” checks, whether the beneficiary has not been convicted. After the information obtained is placed in RSS database.

RSS has always followed the latest modern technologies and regularly introduces innovative and up-to-date solutions in its work. Anna Vītola-Helviga, Director of the Rural Support Service of Latvia, describes the robot's work: A robot is a way to make good use of existing resources. “Varis” works 24 hours doing technical and time-consuming work faster than can be done by a person. The robot's work is clearly characterized by its name “Varis”, which in Latvian means – to be able to do very much in a short time.

In RSS plans to expand the operation of the robot, teaching it more intelligent activities and entrusting new job responsibilities.

RSS expresses its gratitude to the "Lursoft" Ltd. and the Information Center of the Ministry of the Interior for supporting the work of the robot!

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