The complex approach to technology use for customers: from Electronic Application System to Mobile App and Robots

06. May, 2021

In its daily work, the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) is constantly looking for new and innovative approaches in performing its functions. Main focus goes to the development of information technologies and the opportunities they create. RSS employees set their own goals, look for innovative solutions and are actively involved in their implementation.

RSS has created a complex system:

  • Electronic Application System (EAS): a useful tool for customers to receive support easier and faster. It gives the possibility to submit documents and enter all the data, to follow actual information and individual financial flow;
  • Inner technological system solutions: Robot who checks the details of the beneficiaries in the registers; automated processes in the system, for example, the “green corridor”- administration of customer applications for direct payments;
  • Usage of satellite images, information from drones in everyday work;
  • Mobile Application: all important information for customers in their mobile devices;
  • Virtual Assistant: gives advice to customers in 27/7 mode.

The innovation is based on both a targeted use of technology and an integrated view of the problem-solving.

More information on how RSS works with modern technologies in the agriculture sector in Latvia is available at the Public Sector Innovation Observatory (OPSI) publication:

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