RSS receives E-index Award

26. October, 2018

The Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) during the digital forum "Dates-based nation" received the E-index Award as the best public authority this year for e-index measurement in Latvia.

RSS having continued steady growth in the E-index measurement (7th place in 2015, 3rd place in 2017), this year got the first place in the category of public institutions. The best indicators were presented in the area of customer service, institution's internal processes and inter-institutional communication. The proportion of electronic documents in RSS is 71%, in addition, all area payment applications are received electronically, resulting in a significant decrease in various problems and errors for customers. More than 50% of area payment applications are processed automatically, significantly speeding up their evaluation and reducing the resources of the institution.

The RSS is highly valued in all categories, for example, recognized as an institution's internal processes and an inter-institutional electronic communications leader, the service has the highest e-index for customer service, has a high web site compliance level with access requirements, the service provides proactive information to farmers about available support types, etc.

The E-index is an e-environment assessment in public administration institutions and municipalities in Latvia. It gives an idea of how active and accordingly institutions and municipalities use the solutions provided by modern information and communication technologies in order to promote the quality of provided services and accessibility to citizens and businesses.

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