RSS mobile application available to farmers

11. September, 2019
Citi pasākumi

From now on, important information for farmers, foresters and fishermen will be available on the smartphone as the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) has developed a handy tool - a mobile application. All RSS clients who use the Electronic Application System can use the application.  

The mobile application is available free of charge on both Android and iOS devices.

The mobile application provides faster and easier communication between the service and its clients. As a result, farmers receive information faster, are able to react more quickly to different problem situations and inform RSS.

While using the mobile application, clients will be able to view, for example, a calendar, received payments, the amount of duty-free diesel available, letters from RSS, information about upcoming controls on the farm and their results, as well as to take pictures of fields, the results of investment projects carried out and send all the information to the RSS.

The Rural Support Service of Latvia cares about its clients and works on simple and convenient access to all services and information, so the mobile application is a targeted next step for farmers to implement modern tools in the work of RSS.

In the future, other new features will be added to the mobile application. For example, the application will contain information on inspections carried out also by other agricultural authorities.

Phone for clients
Mo: 8:30-18:00
Tu, We, Th: 8:30-17:00
Fr: 8:30-16:00

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