“School Milk and Fruit” results – more than 37 thousand tons of milk, almost 8000 tons of fruits and vegetables consumed

02. October, 2020
Tirgus pasākumi

EU support programme for the supply of fruit, vegetables and milk to educational institutions implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia has gained great popularity among children and young people over several years.

According to preliminary data of the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS), in the programme of school year 2019/2020 all together 1270 educational institutions participated: 1212 institutions distributed fruit and vegetables, but milk - 1124 institutions. In these educational institutions 255 thousand students (91% of the target audience) received free fruits and vegetables, and 243 thousand students (87% of the target audience) received milk.

Until year 2020, more than 37 thousand tons of milk and milk products (since 2004) and almost 8 thousand tons of fruit and vegetables (since 2010) have been consumed in this EU funded programme for schools in Latvia. The total value of distributed products reaches 36,8 million euros (national and EU funding).

It should be noted that in the school year 2019/2020 the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis also affected the programme and it was impossible to continue distribution of products while all educational institutions in Latvia were closed. However, using the derogations allowed by EU, applicants had the opportunity to deliver not used products this September.

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