Overview of the programme “School Milk and Fruit” last activities

05. March, 2019

Several videos have been prepared in order to tell about the aims of the programme, its progress in schools and kindergartens, about products – milk, fruit and vegetables distributed to children free of charge.

Children from the Andreja Upīša Skrīveru Secondary School got the main prize in the contest of ideas last year and as the image and talisman of the programme became “Apple Milksplash”. This image has become a good friend of the programme “School Milk and Fruit“, it reminds of the importance of a healthy diet in maintaining everyone’s health. In the video “Apple Milksplash” together with children tells how fruits, vegetables and milk are delivered to schools, whether kids like them and how they affect our health.

Latvia participates in the program because it believes that children’s health is a very important factor in the future. The programme “School Milk and Fruit” is one of the activities that can promote healthy eating habits. It is possible to see in the video how the programme is going on and what the main goals of it are. Latvian farmers supply milk, fruit and vegetables to school. It is important to ensure that they are fresh and delicious. Experience stories of producers and suppliers as well as nutritionist views about the positive health effects of products are reflected in the video.


In turn, children from the Riga Jugla Secondary School gave their assessment of the programme “School Milk and Fruit”. Kids shared the joy of getting fresh fruits and vegetables every day. As a favorite fruit they mentioned apple, while the most popular and tasty vegetable were cabbage.

Children unequivocally recognized the programme “School Milk and Fruit” as excellent opportunity to receive healthy fruits and vegetables at school and to participate in the programme activities together with classmates and friends!

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