Final steps in the Machinery Price Catalog development process

10. February, 2021

The Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS), the Rural Consultation and Education Center, the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia as well as the Association of Agricultural Machinery Producers and Traders are actively working on the Equipment Price Catalog development process. The purpose of the catalog is to support farmers in purchasing machinery within the measure “Investments in Tangible Assets”.

The Machinery Price Catalog is created considering the benefits for farmers. The main one - no procurement procedure is required. In addition, time spent by farmer filling in the project application is reduced, as well as it is easy to choose the appropriate machinery for the farm, evaluating its capacity and pricing. This approach also reduces time for RSS to evaluate a particular project.

The process from the inclusion of a particular piece of machinery in the catalog until the farmer purchase is simple:

  • the trader submits the machinery offer in the price catalog;
  • the commission evaluates the adequacy of prices;
  • the farmer selects the appropriate machinery from the catalog;
  • selected technique is automatically recorded in the project application estimate.

The catalog will be publicly available in the coming months, so that farmers and machinery traders can assess in advance, which units of machinery still need to add in order to make appropriate investments in their farms.

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