Action of RSS in the state of emergency

14. May, 2020
Citi pasākumi

Due to the state of emergency declared in the country because of the Covid-19 virus, the Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) has made several changes in its activities. RSS continues its regular work organizing it in a way that clients receive all planned support payments in a timely manner and all services provided by RSS are fully available to their clients.

Suspended on-site customer service and canceled public events

The Rural Support Service of Latvia suspends on-site customer service until June 9 this year, as well as cancels all planned public events - seminars, consultations and conferences.

How to receive RSS services remotely?

In order to make services more accessible, RSS has expanded the possibilities: client registration forms can be submitted in the portal, authenticating with internet banking accesses. Until now, forms couldn’t be submitted in this way.

Clients can also submit completed registration forms signed with a secure electronic signature by sending them to e-mail Clients can receive consultations remotely - by calling the customer service phone 67095000 on weekdays from 7.00-20.00 or by writing to the e-mail

RSS will evaluate changes in project implementation

The Rural Support Service of Latvia will evaluate the extension of project implementation deadlines, as well as sanction applications for non-compliance.

Operation of the programme “School Milk and Fruit” during the state of emergency

Cooperation partners - product suppliers were asked to evaluate carefully the need of fruit, vegetables and dairy products supply to educational institutions where children attend duty groups.

How RSS carries out controls during the state of emergency?

When administering various support measures, it is necessary to perform on-site controls and inspections. During the state of emergency, RSS performs controls in compliance with all security conditions.

The staff of RSS mainly obtain needed information using available remote sensing materials, such as satellite images, information in various databases, materials submitted by customers, etc.

Phone for clients
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