136 million euros - farmers have received record amount of area payments in October

23. November, 2018

By the end of October 2018, the Rural Support Service of Latvia has paid more than 136 million euros in area payments.

More than 40 thousand customers have received advance payments of Single area payment, the total amount paid is less than 79 million euros. 34 thousand customers have received payments for areas facing natural or other specific constraints, the total amount paid is 41 million euros. Actively continues payout to organic farmers - they have already received 17 million euros so far.

The Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) will proceed with payouts of mentioned payments also in November. Starting from December 1st, farmers will receive Greening payments, Voluntary coupled support, Small farmer support schemes and other payments as well.

RSS has substantially improved its work and some parts of the processes have been automated:  the "green corridor" created in the information system allowed to administrate more than 60% of area payment applications without involvement of employees,  therefore farmers could receive payments more quickly at a higher rate.

On the first day of payments, RSS administrated Single area payments to a record number of farmers – 36 thousand customers, total value of more than 58 million euros. A year ago, so many customers received this payment until the end of October.

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