Electronic Application System

Electronic Application System is helpful, reachable and easy for use e-service that was created to electronicly submit different types of aplications for EU and Latvia’s state support for agriculture, fisheries, forestry, rural areas development, fishermen and rural entrepreneurs – the clients who previously were required to complete an application form on paper.

How to become RSS client?

In order to register in the RSS Client Register or make changes in data, a registration form must be filled in. Please note, that registration forms can be submitted only in Latvian. After the registration process, access rights of the Electronic Application System (EAS) are automatically granted and sent to e-mail address specified in the registration form.

For signing in electronic format:

For printing and signing on paper:

Registration form can be submitted:

  • electronically with electronic signature, e-mail: pasts@lad.gov.lv,
  • in portal Latvija.lv using e-address.
  • visiting RSS client service on-site.

More information for non-residents how to obtain e-signature and apply for services electronically in Latvia is available in the website of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Clients can receive consultations and information:

  • by calling the service phone +371 67095000 on working days from 8.00-20.00;
  • by requesting information on e-mail - pasts@lad.gov.lv; 
  • by using the Electronic Application System and Mobile Application, as well as the portal Latvija.lv in order to submit the necessary documents. It is also easy to ask questions to Virtual Assistant Ieva, who is located on the website of RSS.
  • by leaving paper documents in mailboxes at the entrance RSS regional administration offices and in RSS central unit in Riga (in this way it's not possible to submit documents on client registration, changes in client data, inheritance rights and changes in the Electronic Application System data).

Important: any changes in the registration form have to be notified within two weeks by submitting the relevant form.


How to become EAS client?

Already registered RSS clients can get access to Electronic Application System (EAS) by submitting a completed:

EAS user will be created and all information will be sent to the email address provided.



Phone for clients
Working days 8:00-20:00

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